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(Updated: 1 November 2012)

  • "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"
    By Rhett Daneka.
    "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" is the new song performed by Rhett Daneka, former lead-singer of the rock band Daneka-Nation in Houston, Texas.

    Download MP3 (Every Rose (GT Bounc 1.1).mp3) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    And on YouTube HERE, more info HERE.

  • "21"
    By Shane Foshee.
    Play "21" by Shane Foshee March 1, 2010:
    "My name is Shane Foshee and I am a singer from Mississippi. I wanted to share with you a song I just recorded as a tribute to all our veterans and soldiers. I also have a website, where I have listed your wonderful organization so that people can learn more about AnySoldier.
    Thank you so much for all the amazing work you are doing on behalf of the soldiers.
    And may God bless Any Soldier.
    All the best, Shane"

    Download MP3 (21 by Shane Foshee) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "We Owe it All To You"
    By Matty Kaspak.
    29 Nov 09:
    I am a songwriter and musician...
    With all that's going on in the world, I got to thinking about our men and women who are serving our country..
    Well, without a long story,,
    This is for them...
    I hope there is a way to get this to some of our men and women who are serving our country, so they can hear this,, and know how we feel about them...
    If this is going to the wrong person,, please forward it to someone you think might help,,,
    This is for you all!!!. anyone of you serving here or oversea's...
    What we have, is because of you... and we thank you....
    Hope you enjoy your song...."

    Download MP3 (We Owe it All To You-Matty-Kaspak-01.mp3) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "You for Christmas"
    By Karmina.
    You for Christmas I don't know whether or not you remember me, but this is Kamille from the band Karmina! Last year I emailed you, offering to give away to the troops a Holiday song that my sister, Kelly, and I wrote. The song was You for Christmas and it's about being away from those you love during the Holidays and therefore is meaningful for all of our troops that are away from home, as well as their families. Last year, you so graciously accepted this gift and thanks to you and a few other organizations, You for Christmas went out to millions of our troops and their families, and was also heard on AFN radio.

    I am writing to let you know that we have recently made a wonderful addition to the song: live bells!! The song now features The Mark Twain Ringers (a middle school bell choir of about 30 children) playing the English handbells, and they did a beautiful job! Mark Twain Middle School is an inner city, mostly low income, public school, and we are trying to help them improve their "under-performing" status by supporting them in enhancing their music program and musical experiences. (Proceeds from sales of the song will go to fund their music program.) The song is in rotation on the radio for the Holidays, and has received a great response! In the Holiday spirit of giving, this year my sister, I, and our record company, KKR Records, would like to offer the same gift to you-to give You for Christmas (featuring The Mark Twain Ringers) for free to the troops and their families, as it is a song to help them through these difficult times and fill their hearts with hope and joy. This is why we make music.

    All the best, Kamille (from Karmina)

    Download MP3 (You for Christmas) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "The Ballad of Billie Jean"
    By Leon Ross Smith.
    "The Ballad of Billie Jean" is a slow Texas swing that tells the story of a soldier who's been shot in Iraq. As he lies dying, he sings to his wife back home. It was written in 2003 by my late father, Leon Ross Smith, a retired music professor who grew up in the small Texas town of Rising Star. He wrote it for the guys who aren't coming home from Iraq.
    I recorded "Billie Jean" last summer, with Ms. Jean Fuller on the piano, on the day before her husband was due home after a year in Iraq.
    Ross A. Smith
    Austin, Texas"

    Download MP3 (The Ballad of Billie Jean) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "I Pledge"
    By Eric Dodge.
    "No matter what people feel about the war itself they need to stand strong behind our military men and women. Our flag and our soldiers deserve the utmost respect from all of us. It truly saddens me when people are negative about those heros. This song and video is for them and all of their families."

  • "I do this for you"
    By The Readings
    Together, they gave up medical school and a professional baseball offer to pursue their passion for music and songwriting. Originally from San Diego, CA, Chris and Eric Reading have carved their own path to success in Nashville. With songs cut by other artists, a artist page (and video), and two records under their belts, The Readings are poised to make their own mark on the industry. They pride themselves on making smart, relevant music, and never shy away from making a statement with their songs. The Readings had two grandfathers who served in WWII; one fought in Iwo Jima, the other gave his life in 1944. I Do This For You was inspired by the stories of people protesting at the funerals of fallen soldiers. It is told from The Readings' perspective, through the eyes of a soldier...

    You can learn more about The Readings, and their music at, and download songs at iTunes.

    Download MP3 (I do this for you) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Santa Claus Is Coming To Iraq"
    By Unknown Author
    "XXXX called the radio station in Arkansas (Clinton country) demanding they pull the song "Santa Claus Is Coming To Iraq" from their playlist. Vets, their families, and supporters of our troops raised such hell with phone calls and emails that now the station is playing it 15 times a day! Don't let them ban Christmas and don't let them forget our troops! Send this song to everybody!"
    Michael C., California

    Download MP3 (Santa Claus Is Coming To Iraq) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Military Mama"
    By Judy Grace
    "'Military MaMa' was truly God driven. It was a sunny day and I was returning home from a beautiful day at the beach when the radio announcer said that two helicopters had crashed in Iraq and 15 Marines died in that fatal crash. That did it! I just broke and the tears would not stop. I knew my son was not in Iraq at this time but I also knew that 15 military families owuldd have to hear those last and final words that no family wants to hear. I am not a professional songwriter or singer, but with faith and perseverance I then understoon I was to create a song that would bring comfort and encouragement to our troops and their families."

    May God bless,
    Judy Grace

    Download MP3 (Military Mama) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Courage Honor Valor"
    By Dominik Pieniazek
    "I've been to your site and it's pretty cool. To show my gratitude and appreciation for teh sacrifice that our boys are making, I wrote the attached song. I saw the other songs on your site, and I thought you may like this.

    It's a bit harder, but it has the attitude that they may appreciate. I've been trying to figure out a way to get it to them, but have not had much luck.

    I hope you enjoy it."

    Download MP3 (Courage Honor Valor) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Somethin' Worth Fightin' For"
    By Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT & Daniel Sisco, Performed by Daniel Sisco
    Here's a song I wrote for the troops stationed in Iraq and all over the world, from the CD, Bakersfield to Baghdad. Here's to you all of you folks in the military! You make us proud and strong. Keep up the good fight!

    Download MP3 (Somethin' Worth Fightin' For) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Home"
    by Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT, sent to 18 May 2006. "When the war in Iraq first got underway, there was no shortage of expressions of support for our troops. There were songs, poems, and letters abounding. Now the songs and poems have turned to protest, and the letters have slowed down. But the need for support has not diminished, so I would like to offer this original song of support to the troops as an expression of my support, and the support of my band members, Rod Marlin and Chris Wise. You guys rock. This one's for you!

    Words and music by Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT (c)2006

    Keep up the great work and don't forget how much we appreciate you fighting for the cause of freedom!

    aka Dr. BLT"

    Download MP3 (Home) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Sombody's Waitin'"
  • "Keep on Running"
  • "Soldier"
  • "Dreamin' about Freedom"
  • "Tomorrow's Music"
    by Lorelei, "Divided by Time"
    Established in 1976, Lorelei was an all covers three piece hard rock band that played the local Boston area clubs. Over time, Lorelei eventually progressed to become an all original band that had air play on two of Boston's largest radio stations.

    In 1988, the band broke up and became what most people thought, a distant memory of the past. Fast forward to 2005.

    With the advent of digital home studio and recording technology, original members David Troy and Bashu Kanal teamed up to revive the Lorelei name, and record a 5 song CD dedicated to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. These songs were written in the spirit of Lorelei's hard rocking style that has a sound that is still relavent by today's standards.

    It is our desire to distribute these songs free of charge to the men and women of our military, and everyone who supports them, so that they know that we are thinking about them back here at home.

    God bless the troops, and God bless America.
    Bashu Kanal

    Download MP3 (Sombody's Waitin') HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    Download MP3 (Keep on Running) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    Download MP3 (Soldier) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    Download MP3 (Dreamin' about Freedom) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    Download MP3 (Tomorrow's Music) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "We Thank You"
    by Alexandra Lajoux, sent to 30 March 2006. "Let's support our troops! Alexandra is fired up about this. Without our soldiers, she sings, "more towers would be burned, and the tides toward truth and freedom could be turned."

    The "towers" is a reference to the attacks of 9/11, when terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our soldiers are helping to rid the earth of the scourge of terrorism, preventing more attacks like this.

    The inspiration for the "tides" line was Geoge Bush's inaugural address of January 2005, about the onward march of liberty. As President Bush said, all people innately long to be free from dictatorship. Sometimes to throw off chains, armed conflict is required. Let there be peace on earth, but let there also be freedom. Let us all work together for both, according to how we are called.Alexandra Lajoux lives with her husband and son in Arlington, Virginia. Alexandra has no ties to the military through friends or family. She did call to ask about joining the Army reserves when she was in her early 30s two decades ago, and found out she was too old to join! She is grateful for all who serve.

    Alexandra has worked for 20 years for a Washington, D.C., professional association, and she has published books on business topics--but her true passion is music. She has always been a part-time professional singer, and in recent years has taught singing and composed songs. In recent correspondence with Bob Calvert, host of, she explained how she came to write and produce the song, "We Thank You."

    "One night, in October 2005, I woke up in the middle of the night with a distinct image of a young man with newly cut hair, packing a duffle bag... The words 'We know that you enlisted when you didn't have to go' went through my mind, along with a haunting tune. Who was this man? Why did he enlist? Who was singing? I didn't exactly know...but I remembered times I'd seen their jeeps on an interstate, or on the subway...And then more song words and melodies came to me. I typed up all the words, tears in my eyes, then wrote down the notes and chords. And so the song was born.

    Getting a recording star to sing it could take months or even years, I realized.The fastest way to get it to the troops was to record it myself. I've recruited the best musicians and most heartfelt volunteers to play and sing the song along with me. I've listening to mixes with a talented recording engineer. I've played the song to many people. In all of this, I simply want to honor and thank our soldiers. It's 5 minutes and 19 seconds long. Some have called it "epic"! To have it reach soldiers and their families, I have done my all to try to reach places like TALKING WITH HEROES, which has invited me to appear and the American Forces Network, which has approved the song to be played to our troops in Iraq. That's been my dream since October, and now it may come true.'"

    Since Alexandra wrote that letter to Bob, she has been interviewed on his show (March 12, 2006). Also, officials at the Department of Defense have approved this song for posting to Interest in the song spans a wide political spectrum. It's not just hawks like Alexandra who love our soldiers. Some doves do as well. In fact, there has been some interest in this song within the Quaker community.

    Alexandra will donate ALL her personal profits (what is left for her after repaying expenses including sales commissions) to veterans causes. She will list her chosen causes on her website and so we can all watch the amounts grow. If you are a veteran on active duty, send Alexandra your APO address and she will mail you a copy for free. (She knows the post office routine, as she is a Soldiers Angel. Yes has come a long way of service and awareness since she wrote the song.)

    Here is the link to the lyrics:;view=lyrics

    Download MP3 (We Thank You) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Bullets"
    By Lisa Carver, sent to 22 March 2006. "Just a note to say that my friend, Courtney Crist, told me you "got" my song "Bullets" and were asking permission to use it on your website.
    The answer is a resounding yes........ absolutely. I had that song idea in my head for weeks, trying to get the right angle on it, and I felt like it was just a gift from God and came quickly once I sat down to write it. To get inside a bullet's "brain" and get an intimate view of opposing sides in a five second slice of life in a day of war was a challenge. I've only played this song out live twice, to a great response from the crowds, and I'm encouraged that this song will touch a lot of people. I'm honored to have this song on your website, and I thank you for making such a beautiful site and tribute. God bless you.
    Lisa Carver"
    Download MP3 (Wyatt lil Warrior) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Wyatt lil Warrior"
    By Casey Lanken, sent to 1 March 2006. "After being inspired by your site with the song corner, I wrote a tune to support our guys and girls. It's called Wyatt lil Warrior. I hope that you'll find it enjoyable. Many of my friends in the armed services ask me to play it when I perform out. So here goes.
    I wrote it from the with a soldiers view of what he might be going through his mind before during and after battle with a Pro American slant. I'm sure you can understand.
    Thank you and God Bless.
    Download MP3 (Wyatt lil Warrior) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Star Spangled Banner"
    By Ray Hornblower, American tenor, sent to 23 November 2005, "Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful men and women in uniform. Ray Hornblower"
    Download MP3 (Star Spangled Banner) HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "I Salute You"
    By Kristy Jackson and co-writer Jenn Harris. Kristy's web page is HERE.
    Download MP3 HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)

  • "Our Soldiers" (short demo version)
    Download MP3 HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    Emily Driscoll, a 19 year old music student at Central Michigan University, was touched when she realized the war in Iraq was being fought by men and women her age, while she attended college, and lived the life of a normal teenager. As a tribute to the troops, Emily composed "Our Soldiers" and had it recorded. Through the news, she became aware of the Any Soldier website. She sent packages to several troops overseas, always including the CD of her song and letters. She received positive feedback from several men and women. One woman asked to use the song in the background of a slide show about her unit's experiences at war. Another soldier wrote that the song was received right after one of their soldiers was lost to a road side bomb and his unit found it very touching. Emily began selling her CD around her home in Rochester Hills, Michigan in order to raise money for If you are interested in purchasing the CD of "Our Soldiers" email Emily at and an order form will be returned to you. All profits will be donated to

  • "Soldier"
    Download MP3 HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    Lyrics HERE (Word format)

    "My name’s Jimmy, a Detroit musician / songwriter currently working on a project for a young female artist. Her name's "Tanya" a "University of Michigan" music major, getting a lot of interest at the corporate level. One of the songs recorded for her project, is called "SOLDIER". I wrote the tune for all the wives, and girlfriends of the men that may, or may not be coming home.
    I didn't want the song to be pro or anti war ...I just wanted to write a tune for all the people waiting at home for their loved ones. It was also written to be about any war....whether its Iraq, Afghanistan ,Viet Nam, or World War II.
    I'm interested in hearing how it goes over with anyone that may listen to it. I just browsed the web to find some contact people that may appreciate this kind of music.... I wanna be sure I get it right.
    Jimmy from Detroit"

  • "Waiting 'Til Our Soldiers Come Home"
    Download MP3 HERE. (Right-click and pick "Save Target As".)
    "Hi.. My names Bethany Nelson.. I'm 20 years old.
    I'm a singer/songwriter and when my boyfriend left for Iraq I wrote a song about family and how they deal with having loved ones over there.. I sang it at a few county fairs and had a really good reaction. Some people came up to me to thank me and tell me it meant a lot to them, that they have loved ones over there, too."

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