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Success Stories 2009:
Brian in Iraq, April 2003
"To all whom this may concern,
I would personally like to thank all of those who have recently contributed their time and efforts in what I believe to be an awe-inspiring and frankly quite dramatic display of support from the home-front. The correspondence and care packages have been coming in at an overwhelming and nearly monumental pace. The "Any Soldier" campaign has seen tears from some, given hope to most, and has been inspirational to us all. Your relentless support has provided the simple reminder that any one of us would proudly die for a grateful nation in our ongoing fight against terrorism.
"Freedom is not Free"
Sergeant Brian Horn
Iraq, Nov 2003

1 July 2009: "To you all at Any
May God Bless you and your team on the tremendous support you provide us. I can honestly say not all soldiers receive loving letters and items from home and when I open a box from one of your supportive members who has adopted me to provide a care package too, it and that is a blessing to them and an honor for me to open for them. Requested items are genuinely received which I place in our common area for all and that area is and becomes a shopping mall for all our units which also includes the US Navy.
So to you and your organization, I say thank you on behalf of the United States Armed Forces because your organization is a Joint Task Force which is blessed and honored with good hearted people who take time out to provide for all of us...
Thank you..."
SSG Sandra Rolon, US Army & Any Soldier® Contact.
10 Mar 2009: "Your organization is actually just what the doctor ordered--legitimate and up-to-date names/addresses are what we're looking for, as we already have the boxes/contents. Thank you so much for your help!"
Heather D., Red Cross, NC
26 Feb 2009: "Everyday, I see the packages pour in for our Marines and Sailors and I have to admit, it is staggering. I have deployed several times and I have seen several "Any Serviceman" type programs - mostly letters, sometimes books - but I have never seen anything like the love, appreciation and support that comes from the people who visit this site. It is, in a word, AWESOME. Thank you all for your support."
Major Shawn Hughes, USMC & Any Soldier® Contact.
President George W. Bush "Your organization's troop postings help our citizens show their steadfast support for our Armed Forces, and I am grateful."
President George W. Bush    (Letter HERE.)

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg "By establishing an extensive network of U.S. soldiers available to distribute letters and care packages from home, Any Soldier Inc. has taken a leadership role in making sure the men and women of our military receive vital emotional support in their times of greatest need."
NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg    (Letter HERE.)
Lester Tenney "It is a great honor to share with others the excitement and happiness of the men and women fighting for our freedom over-seas when they receive a care package from total strangers. has provided we WWII Veterans from a retirement community here in California with hundreds of names and addresses of our military fighting this war on terrorism. During my time in the service I never was able to receive a care package from home due unfortunately to my being in a Japanese POW camp for three and a half years, and I can honestly say it would have meant so much to we POWs if we knew the folks back home cared. Well, we care: and we show it by sending 50 care packages every week to our comrades fighting for our freedom.
Thank you for making these care packages possible."
Lester Tenney, National Commander
American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor

Brian (left) and his Platoon Sergeant with the first of the AnySoldier packages, October 2003.
Leah Remini "No matter personal opinions on the war, I believe every American understands and appreciates that men and women are sacraficing their lives daily in order to protect our freedom.
Our soldiers are national heroes and they should want for nothing. But they do.
Things we take for granted everyday, go a long way to a soldier away from their family and the comforts of home.
So please join me in supporting our troops by fulfilling their humble requests through
Let us show our appreciation today and everyday until our heros are home safely. Bless you all."
Leah Remini, Actress
Dane Cook "My father was in the service and received a military burial where I was presented with our flag. I've gotten a few emails asking what the military website I have mentioned in the past was. The one to write our brave men and women dedicating their lives to some war somewhere. They LOVE hearing from you! That link is:"
Dane Cook, Comedian
Mike Vogel "I have many friends and now family that have been personally impacted by the inspiring work of while serving overseas. bridges the gap between willing Americans and our heroes, by giving us civilians realistic ways to serve those who are serving us."
Mike Vogel, Actor

"I couldn't be any more proud to have been apart of such an honorable organization as This is priceless, and I would like to thank all of you who entrusted me to be your contact. To have been able to distribute the mail personally as a contact to soldiers who get next to no mail at all and for that brief moment see the look of hope in their faces of good things to come. The hope that somebody out there does care. That somebody does in fact love them as they deservingly should be loved. The hope that some day their involvement in the fight on terror was to preserve those that believed in them so much through and through, until their fight was done. We fight so that maybe, just maybe your grandchildren won't have to.
Pray for us in all that we do.
Sergeant Brian Horn
Afghanistan, Nov 2005
Brian in Afghanistan, May 2005
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    Great Events and Efforts 2009:

    11 November - December 2, 2009:
    I represent the employees of the Brookhaven Campus of the Internal Revenue Service. Brookhaven Campus has 3000 employees and is located on Long Island, New York with a satellite call center of 500 employees in Buffalo, NY. In honor of Veterans Day, the Brookhaven Campus, and the local chapter of Military Outreach for Service-IRS launched the first-ever campus-wide Adopt-a-Soldier campaign. Employees and teams adopted more than 600 soldiers. The campaign organizers, Selene Markowitz, Patrick Kearney, Linda Miller ,Barbara Ciniglio, Jennifer Noeller, Peggy Minnick, and Kristie Jones solicited names of friends and relatives that were serving abroad. Teams picked a name and filled a mailing box with personal care products, food and miscellaneous items, such as DVDs, pens and insect repellent. In addition, coordinators accessed the website to 'adopt' New York based soldiers as well as a unit affected by the recent tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas. The campaign also collected items for military dogs and their handlers.
    Employees donated chew toys, treats and blankets to these special and sometimes forgotten members of the armed forces. Representatives from the post office brought two large trucks to pick up the care packages, and several local members of the military visited to thank the volunteers and help load the postal trucks. Organizers enclosed a letter and an addressed postcard in each box so the soldier would know where the box came from. Organizers hope that once the team receives the postcard back, they will continue to send care packages throughout the year. We are all very proud of the work our soldiers are doing and hope that our boxes of goodies will help make their tour a little easier.

    Our employees were very enthusiastic about this opportunity to 'adopt' a soldier. We have started to receive letters and pictures from the soldiers. I have attached some photos of our staff as well as photos that were sent from the soldiers.

    Without access to AnySoldier, we would not have been able to reach as many soldiers as we did. Thank you for the important service that you provide.

    Selene Markowitz
    Department Manager
    Operations 1 Dept 2
    Accounts Management
    Brookhaven Campus

    16 November 09: Charlie's Eagle Project had a incredible outcome. The Scouts packed 318 packages on the packing day, and we have had another 15 boxes packed since then, for a total of 333 care packages.
    Charlie had already had $3605 donated for shipping and project cost, but with the amount of care packages taking everyone by surprise, Charlie ended up having to send out a email asking for additional shipping funds.
    His story was picked up by the Ft. Worth Star Telegram for Veterans Day. Since the story, Charlie has received an additional $1361, with another $700 promised. With the tremendous number of items donated, and the funds donated, the project ended up being worth about $10,000. We are all so very proud of Charlie's hard work and we are so pleased that so many of our soldiers will be receiving a care package for Thanksgiving. Just 7 days after shipping, Charlie has already had an email from a soldier.
    I have attached a couple of photos from the project and a link to the article. We hope that Charlie's project will increase awareness of so that our troops will benefit from all the support.

    Thank you for all of your help,
    Jennifer Jordan
    Charlie Jordan's Eagle Project
    Charlie Jordan's Eagle Project
    SCharlie Jordan's Eagle Project
    Charlie Jordan's Eagle Project
    Charlie Jordan's Eagle Project
    Charlie Jordan's Eagle Project
    Check the website he did for this! HERE

    8 November 09:The Cumberland County Community Chorus gave a Veteran's Day Benefit Concert, the 'American Heroes' Concert held in the auditorium of Stone Memorial High School located on Cook Road in Crossville, TN. The afternoon program was a collection of patriotic melodies and American favorites. Others sharing the stage for this benefit concert were a Brass Quintet from the Southern Stars Brass Orchestra; Ann Looney, piano accompanist for the chorus and a soloist; Marty Gibson, chorus director, musician and vocalist.

    The Young Marines of Cumberland County were there to help at the door and hand out concert programs. They also posted and retired the colors along with leading everyone in the 'Pledge of Allegiance.'

    A freewill donation was asked the day of the concert with proceeds going to the Cumberland County Veterans Relief Fund helping local veterans in need of assistance and also to Any Soldier Inc.

    Andrew Sisters
    Clarion Quintet

    8 October 09: Marco Island Florida Marriott Resort invited Any Soldier Inc. to attend their "Corporate Partnership Conference" for a presentation and for the attendees to build care packages AGAIN! The Marriott sponsors a "Spirit to Serve" event which provides all the contents, packages and postage to allow the attendees of the conference to create care packages, write a note, and send to contacts. Marriott International really supports the troops!!
    Marco Island Marriott
    Lisa with SOME of the packages!
    Click HERE for more pictures.

    18 August 09: XO Communications, a telecommunications company headquartered in Virginia, selected Any Soldier as the recipient of their service project in conjunction with this year's Peak Performers Incentive Contest. This spring they launched their campaign with a challenge to each of their 32 U.S. markets to create up to two themed care packages for soldiers.
    In fact, they themed their entire program around this cause - "Winners support those who make winning possible."
    The result was that over 50 huge boxes were shipped to the Broadmoor Resort, in Colorado Springs, the site of their reward trip, and were displayed on tables in a large ballroom. It was a spectacular sight to see the generous and heartfelt letters and contributions sent from XO employees around the country for judging by a management team based on the following criteria:

    - Best "Any Female Soldier" Package
    - Best "Any Male Soldier" Package
    - Best "All Junk Food" Package
    - Best "All Essentials" Package
    - Outstanding Care Package Letter

    On Wednesday, August 18th, as the 40 salespeople whose achievements earned them Peak Performers status, gathered for a GPS guided Scavenger Hunt, ten active duty soldiers entered the ballroom to join them and stay for lunch at the Broadmoor, during which the short film, "Tango Tango Mike" was shown. During this luncheon XO announced a $1000 donation to Any Soldier and encouraged everyone to return to the ballroom to pack up the boxes for shipment to the troops.

    Over 180 boxes were sent as a result of this effort, including items such as iPods and gift cards, footballs, over 100 DVDs, huge quantities of personal hygiene products, socks, blankets, pillows, toys, books, games, magazines, even lottery tickets and a golf club! Of course there was also every kind of non-perishable food known to man, some of which went into every box they packed. And the letters…so many letters of thanks, good wishes, and heartfelt compassion.

    But the highlight of the day was when each of the ten soldiers, on their own, stood up and spoke to the group to tell them what their care packages and letters will mean to the troops in harms way. There was not a dry eye in the room as they recounted the importance of knowing their efforts and sacrifices are appreciated by those at home. Several of them were shipping out within the next couple of months so the XO participants exchanged email addresses with them so they can continue their support.

    XO Communications, as a company and as many individuals, demonstrated what Any Soldier is all about and they did it in a very big way. It's hard to say who benefited more from their efforts, but it is certain that this experience will always be remembered.

    6 April 09: After months of planning by Major Bourland for a golf tournament at Quantico, last minute changes in base policy by the Marines wouldn't allow it. So, taking lemons and making lemonaid being the stuff of Support Junkies, Anna Renault and others put together a dinner nearby at The Globe & Laurel Restaurant. Even Peggy Kane flew in from California! Amazing what Support Junkies can do!

    31 March 09: Marco Island Florida Marriott Resort invited Any Soldier Inc. to attend their "Mission Business Sessions" for a presentation and for the attendees to build care packages. Marriott never ceases to amaze in it's beautiful resorts, and continuing support of our troops.
    Click to see about this resort

    21 March 09: Bob Havens of Fort Wayne, Indiana, organized a "Packing Party" as part of his Eagle Project. Scouts who are about to earn the rank of Eagle have to do a service project, and Bob chose for his. Over 100 Boy Scouts have used this web site for their Eagle Project and we were hononed to be invited to attend this one.
    Bob Havens' Eagle Project
    Just a small part of the stuff being packed
    Fun with the Customs forms...
    Bob Havens did an outstanding job managing the project
    Busy crew helping out

    Harley-Davidson of Fort Myers, FL teams with!
    31 Jan 09: Hundreds of people showed up at Harley - Davidson of Fort Myers on Saturday to send a personal gift overseas to our troops. They are collecting care packages to send to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Each box will have different items in them, but all will be sending the same message. People back home are thinking about you.

    Harley-Davidson of Fort Myers and teamed up to host the ultimate party for america's troops overseas. The party kicked off Saturday morning with bikers taking part in a poker run, live music, and of course treats.
    (From WINK News)

    Harley-Davidson of Fort Myers
    Gary and the Fat Boy
    Just SOME of the packages
    Jennifer and Jessica
    (Click the start button and give time for video to load.)
    Ridin with the HOG
    Love this place...
    Click HERE for more pictures.

    21 Jan 09: Xerox sends 51 Care Packages!

    Clich  for Article (.pdf 321Kb)

    Notes to Troops
    (From Time Warner Cable)

    9 Jan 09: TORRANCE, California - Towers Elementary (in conjunction with Alta Vista in Redondo Bch) is doing a service learning project by sending letters, and hand drawn pictures to U.S. Troops in the Middle East. The purpose of the project is to encourage students to participate in the global world and learn how simple acts of kindness and care can positively affect someone's life. It gives them the opportunity to learn about patriotism and appreciate the brave men and women who are in foreign lands without their own families. Jeri Reeder reports.

    (Click the start button and give time for video to load.)

    13th Annual "Polar Bikers Ride"

    1 Jan 09: Sponsored by River City Harley-Davidson of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the ride was attended by over 100 bikes, to include representing Any Soldier®, Marty on the Ultra. Good to know that he wasn't the only crazy out there in the mid-20s temperature. The ride was to benefit Cancer Services.

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